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Welcome to Kelly Advantage Mortgage!

A one-stop Brokerage for all your mortgage refinance and purchase needs. I represent YOU, my client, and I am able to seek out the lending program that truly fits your needs and not the lenders. Call me now for up to the minute interest rates 877-493-0033 (toll free).

Kelly Advantage Mortgage Corp. comes highly recommended by Past Customers, Realtors & Settlement Agencies. We offer reliable pre-approvals and reliability is important to Kelly Advantage Mortgage Corp. We make sure you don’t have a horror story to tell.

Kelly Advantage Mortgage Corp. has access to a network of lenders with different loan programs and can access competitive low fixed rate mortgages.

If we can’t place the loan it probably can’t get done.

There are absolutely NO APPLICATION FEES with Kelly Advantage Mortgage Corp. If we can’t get you the loan, there is no charge!

With our flexible appointments and closings, you don’t need to take off of work or worry about the kids. We can close a loan anywhere in Pennsylvania. In the convenience of our office or the comfort of your home, we will work around your needs.

We represent the borrower not the loan program. Many loan programs may not fit the particular needs of the borrower. That is why working closely with you, we are able to seek out the lending program that truly fits your needs and not the lender’s.